New Tiki Pins!

All of us at Cocktail Critters hope you are having a fun and safe summer. While you’re relaxing with your friends and family, we’ve hunkered down in our shop coming up with new ways to keep your parties entertaining. 

As part of our quest to make your summer style even better, we’re excited to announce TWO new cocktail pin lines:

  • A tropical cocktail line in a collaboration with our good friends at Mover & Shaker
  • Our Quirky Tiki Mugs line blending fun tiki mugs with unique animal designs

 Both of these awesome pin lines will be dropping on over the next few months - some are available right now! In the meantime, you can keep collecting more of your favorite pins, hats, and masks by heading over to our website today.

So stay tuned, and stay thirsty!

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