A Guide to Enjoying Whiskey Stones

For many, a glass of whiskey is the perfect choice of beverage after a long day at work. Depending on the blend and nature of the preparation, there are numerous ways to enjoy the beverage. Using chilled whiskey stones is one of the best ways to enjoy it neat since you get the chilling effect without worrying about dilution.

Many whiskey experts will agree that room temperature is ideal for drinking whiskey if you bring up the matter with them. But precisely what does that mean? Most connoisseurs agree that whiskey is best when consumed between 59 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, or 15 to 18 degrees Celsius.

What are Whiskey Stones

These natural stones are used to chill whisky and other alcoholic beverages. They come in a variety of sizes and are made to be frozen. Whiskey stones instantly chill shots of whiskey, scotch, or bourbon without adding any additional liquid.

It eliminates all potential risks associated with excessive moisture while producing a delicious, chilled beverage. Simple barware that combines form, functionality, and timeless design.

Granite and stainless steel whisky stones are becoming increasingly popular and come in various designs and sizes. Stainless steel stones, like the Scotch Ness Critter Whiskey Stone by Cocktail Critters, are handy since they keep drinks cooler for longer and do so stylishly.

Suitable for most standard drink glasses, both the stone's body and silicone suction base are materials safe for human ingestion. The quirky design of a Loch Ness monster is a quaint nod to the Scottish whiskeys.

How to Use a Scotch Ness Critter Whiskey Stone

Every drinker will have a different set of preferences. Some people may mix their beverage with a bit of water. Whiskey stones will reduce the temperature in this situation while maintaining the original flavor.

It goes without saying that too much water will also dilute your whiskey. Your whiskey stones are there to help you get rid of excess moisture. For three hours or longer, freeze the Scotch Ness Critter Whiskey Stone.

When you're ready to sip, place the whiskey stone firmly in place with the silicone suction, then fill your glass with your preferred scotch, blended whiskey, or bourbon. It will take a moment or two for your drink to become cold.

How to Clean Your Whiskey Stone

It's not at all complicated. Cleaning whiskey stones is simple and must be done, as unwashed ones can develop bacteria and build up residue. For this reason, cleaning is necessary following each use.

  • Hold it in your hand and place it under running warm water.

  • Depending on your preference, use dish soap and or water alone.

  • Add a few drops of dish soap, lather it, and thoroughly rinse it.

  • To get rid of extra moisture, dry it with a fresh dish towel or paper. Even better, you may let it dry for a few hours on a paper towel.

  • The Scotch Ness Critter Whiskey Stone is dishwasher friendly, so you can place it in it without any concerns.

Purchase the Best Whiskey Stone

Whiskey stones are an excellent alternative if you enjoy cooled whiskey but don't like the dilution that comes with using ice cubes. These perfectly cool your whiskey without affecting the flavor. The Scotch Ness Critter Whiskey Stone gives your beverage a unique touch. Get yours today!

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