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Whether you’re enjoying a pint at the bar or walking in the park with your pet, we’ve got you covered. Cocktail Critters is your one-stop shop for lapel pins, masks, hats, and more for the ultimate cocktail and animal fans ready to express their wild side. Shop, ship, and show off today!

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This is my 2nd order in ~ 2 weeks! There will be a third. I now have 13 different animal/alcohol pins to painfully figure which to keep & which to give! Love both these cat pins. Probably won’t give these. The orange/white looks like my bully/coward “Chipmunk,” & the black like my paranoid/brave boy “Pink Floyd.” & I’m a full bodied red wine 🍷 fan! ♥️

by Teri E.

perfect addition to my work apron! it's adorable and i love it so much :)

by Saddie

This is a super cute pin! I've purchased several of this shop's cocktail critters, and every one of them has been amazing. I love this Balinese kitty, and with the detail on the pin, there is no mistaking the breed. Exceptional quality!

by Thieba

Wonderful quality, absolutely adorable, and does an excellent job keeping the scotch chilled and adding some whimsy. Love.

by Nicole

She's so FLIPPIN' CUTE! I admit I fully squeed and clapped when I opened the package. I even got one for my ex for Father's Day. Or maybe just Day. (I am not a patient person.)

by Rebecca S.

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