Bouncing into the New Year: Chinese New Year 2023 and the Sign of the Rabbit

Today is Chinese New Year 2023, and it is the Year of the Rabbit!

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is a time of celebration and joy for Chinese communities around the world. It marks the start of the new lunar calendar and is a time for families to come together, feast, and give thanks for the past year.

One of the most important aspects of Chinese New Year celebrations is the consumption of alcohol. It is common for families and friends to gather for large banquets and to toast to good health, prosperity, and happiness in the coming year. Traditional Chinese alcohols such as Baijiu, a strong distilled spirit, and rice wine are often served, although beer, whiskey and other spirits are also consumed.

This year, the Chinese Zodiac animal is the rabbit. According to Chinese folklore, the rabbit is a symbol of longevity, elegance, and good luck. Those born under the rabbit sign are believed to be gentle, sensitive, and kind.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, why not try this Chinese-inspired "Jade Rabbit" cocktail?

Jade Rabbit Cocktails


  • 2oz (60ml) Baijiu
  • 1oz (30ml) Lime Juice
  • Top with Ginger Beer


  • Fill a shaking tin with ice.
  • Add Baiju and lime juice to the shaker and shake well.
  • Strain into a tall glass filled with ice.
  • Top with ginger beer and enjoy!

Raise a glass and cheers to good health, prosperity, and happiness in the coming year with this delicious and refreshing Chinese New Year inspired cocktail.

Celebrate Near You!

Chinese New Year is celebrated in many countries around the world, and the United States is no exception. There are many exciting Chinese New Year celebrations that take place across the country, each one offering a unique blend of traditional customs and modern flair. Some of the most notable celebrations include:

  • The Chinese New Year Festival and Parade in San Francisco: This is one of the largest and most well-known Chinese New Year celebrations in the United States. It features a colorful parade with lion dancers, dragon dancers, and floats, as well as a festival with food, music, and dance performances. More information can be found at

  • The Chinese New Year Celebration in New York City's Chinatown: This celebration is a vibrant and lively event that takes place in the heart of New York City's Chinatown. It features lion and dragon dances, parades, fireworks, and other cultural performances. You can find more information at

  • The Chinese New Year Festival in Los Angeles: This festival is another one of the largest Chinese New Year celebrations in the United States. It features a parade, cultural performances, food and craft vendors, and more. More information can be found at

Bounce into the New Year! 

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