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Cocktail Critters

Lilybug's Straw-Tini Pin

Lilybug's Straw-Tini Pin

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It is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with the infinitely adorable Lilybug (@lilybug_lpb) and her human partner to bring this Cocktail Critter enamel pin to life! Enjoy all of her beauty in our largest pin available (nearly 2" tall!). Paired with the Straw-tini, you'll absolutely love carrying Bug with you on your backpack, purse, or tote bag!

★ 1.97″ (50mm) tall gold-plated enamel pin
★ Comes with a recipe to make this delightful strawberry cocktail
★ Secures with two posts on the back

★ Original Artwork by Cocktail Critters

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