Forget the Line: Here’s The DIY Starbucks Info You Need

Forget the Line: Here’s The DIY Starbucks Info You Need

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Forget the Line: Here’s The DIY Starbucks Info You Need

Starbucks is the de-facto coffee shop for many people on the go (especially if they had a long night beforehand). However, one of the pitfalls of its popularity is just how long the lines can be, taking away your chance for the right coffee at the right time. 

That shouldn’t stop you from having delicious fresh coffee. All you need is a change in venue.

Your home!

Skip ahead of the line and make your favorite Starbucks beverages right from your kitchen. To do that, you just need items like:

An Espresso Machine ☕️

Can’t make lattes without espresso, right? This gem will pull the perfect shot for your drink and leave you with the base you need for your espresso beverages. 

Many makes and models are on the market, but here are some popular ones. Just eight seconds and you’ll be on the way to the espresso express.



Steaming Wand 💨

Unless you’re making an Americano, the majority of your DIY Starbucks drinks are going to need steamed milk. You could settle for just using a frothing wand to give your milk some viscosity, but the true Starbucks experience requires a steaming wand. 

Some espresso machines already come attached with a steaming wand, but individual wands can be found on Amazon or major retailers, here a list of 5 best in the market.

Syrups 💧

One of the main draws of Starbucks is the many flavors they use for their drinks. Coffee purists may scoff at using anything more than just steamed milk and espresso, but think about how many times people have lost their minds over the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte.

That same experience (minus the social media buzz) can be felt at home. Purchasing coffee syrups can make your typical coffee more robust. We recommend these 10 best syrups for your next DIY Starbucks experience.

The Right Mugs ☕️

A major benefit to enjoying DIY Starbucks is the ability to pick and choose your cups and mugs to hold your new coffee creations. Yes, it means having to wash some extra dishes but on the plus side you can use sustainable options that keep your drink warmer through the day. 

Invest in mugs varying in size, shape, and design. Your DIY Starbucks experience should be unique and your own, so have fun with it!

Here's a list of 10 best coffee mugs in the market.


The Perfect Gear ❤️

Who says coffee drinking has to be solely about the items to make the drinks? With the right accessories, you can turn your DIY Starbucks day into a coffee-themed party. And it all starts with what you wear. 

Your guests will perk their ears up when they see their favorite drinks brought out by someone wearing a coffee-inspired enamel pin. Check out our popular Coffee Critters line to find a pin based on your favorite coffee drink or animal and keep the espresso going!


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