What We Learned From The Pandemic

What We Learned From The Pandemic

If anyone had told us six months ago that the world would dramatically change, we never would have believed it. Staying at home for months at a time and not knowing the immediate future has taken a toll on even the best of us. 

During times like this, it is hard to see hope and the good in people--but on the brink of social and economic collapse, some refuse to simply sit on the sidelines and turn a blind eye. Some even go the extra mile, which brings us to Food Fest Live. With a mindset removed from making profits, Food Fest Live was created as a platform to connect the food and beverage industry with new customers through social media and fresh marketing strategies. Kevin Seo, founder of the website, noticed that while the media and online market was gaining traction, small businesses like restaurants and bars  were taking a hit, and he decided to take action.

More than just bringing food to tables, Food Fest Live believes in sharing stories, experiences, and culture. In a way, these three concepts are reflective of the world around us. It’s from these stories that you can see patterns emerging in varying degrees, from siblings helping each other with household chores to big corporations lending a helping hand. Perhaps the biggest lesson here is that no matter what your role is in life, you can still make it a little better for someone else. This is what Food Fest Live stands for—small actions, big impact.

Here at Cocktail Critters, we fully support and believe in the spirit of compassion and generosity, especially as more restaurants and bars begin to open back up. As our little act of kindness, we have collaborated with Food Fest Live to donate 1,000 high-quality, reversible, and waterproof masks to be distributed across many communities to help in the reopening process. Yet we’re not just stopping there.

In addition to our current donation, we will also donate an additional 1,000  masks next month to another organization. If you know of a charity or organization that could use the support, drop us an email or find us on Facebook or Instagram to let us know!

Do your part to make an impact, no matter how small you think it might be. From all of us at Cocktail Critters, stay safe and stay thirsty.

If you are a bar or restaurant in need of masks for your staff, please reach out to info@cocktailcritters.com. Follow @foodfestlive to see what they're up to next.

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